Meet the Most Intelligent Bird


Credit: Wikipedia Commons

    The Parrot is one of the most beautiful birds on the planet. From their vividly colored feathers to their very talkative personality, parrots are considered one of the most likable birds. But, behind their beautiful feathers, there lies a sharp and complex brain. They are also one of the most intelligent animals on earth. 

    Inside the parrot’s brain, it is quite similar to a human’s. Despite the parrot’s small size, they actually have a large brain compared to their size, but the size of their brain does not explain why parrots are intelligent. “Parrots are clever because their brains evolved the same way as ours. Parrots are intelligent birds capable of complex cognition, and it turns out that the genes that play a role in their brain development are similar to those that evolved to give humans large brains.” ( So believe it or not, parrots are very similar to the human species, just like monkeys, because of the similar brain function causing them to understand more than other animals do. 

    Parrots are well known for being quick to pick up a language, displaying the characteristic of being talkative. But, that is not all they can do. They have the ability to understand quickly making it easy to read a situation. According to ( parrots evaluate situations to make a decision. They decided to conduct an experiment using jars and black and orange tokens constantly changing the amount in each jar to see the reaction of the parrots. “‘Kea must have used proportion of black-to-orange tokens, meaning that they considered the relative likelihood, or probability, of obtaining a black token from both jars to make their choice,” she said.” ( 

    Parrots are very similar to humans and scientists are still conducting experiments today to expand their knowledge of the parrot’s brain. In movies, parrots are sometimes off-putting and sometimes used as a joke. But, although they can be funny because of their talkative personality, parrots have a rather large personality and are impressively intelligent for a bird.