State Testing For Students This Year



State Testing For Students This Year


State testing is coming up for students at schools and some may be anxious or feel pressured. Standardized testing evaluates a student based on their grade level and assesses them on how well the student is performing in the California Education System. Although assessing a student to see where they are and calculating their score are all important, I personally think standardized testing is not necessary this year. 


Many students are thriving in distance learning, and testing the students on individual class finals is the only necessary material to sum up what they have learned. On the other hand, many students are struggling with distance learning, trying to keep up with the technology and paying attention in class. This is also a viable reason to cease state testing this year. Some cannot access the internet at home, and technological issues might have dropped their grades or ability to learn. People do not want to take a test when they have a disadvantage that cannot be helped. However, the state testing will most likely be continuing in 2021. 


Even though the California standardized testing should not be mandatory this year, preparations for the test will be important to further reduce the stress. Here are some tips that I think will help students who are plugged away or those who are not ready for such tests. First, it is critical to double-check the testing date. Just knowing when the tests will start can give an overall idea when to finish preparing. Additionally, sleeping early or going to bed on time is crucial because getting enough sleep can drastically change productiveness during an exam. Clearing the mind and doing a relaxing activity before sleep should give the brain a fresh morning start. Reviewing past lessons are also equally important. Always look back and check anything that is confusing about certain lessons and contact a teacher about it. If I am struggling with keeping up with my studies at school during distance learning, I always ask the teacher through e-mail or even request a one-on-one chat on zoom about what other students learned in class (best to ask immediately). As of any preparation during the test, read each question carefully and double check answers when possible. Skip questions that take too long and come back to them later. 


In the end, standardized state testing should not be required in 2021, but there will most likely be one this year, making preparations for the test to any online or in-person student essential. Here at Parks, the state testing will start around the beginning of May. Good luck to everyone!