Argentina Beach Covered in Snail Eggs


Source: AccuWeather

On April 25, Buenos Aires Mar del Plata Beach was covered in snail eggs. These snail eggs happen to come from carnivorous snails. This carnivorous snail is called Adelomelon brasiliana, it lives close to the coast of Southern Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina. This type of snail species can grow up to 8 inches long. AccuWeather says that marine biologist Alejandro Saubidet said, “We normally see these (snail eggs) on the coast, but we don’t see them at the density that we can see right now.

    Citizens around the area went to the beach to check out the pearl-looking objects. After taking a closer look, they realized those objects were not precious pearls. AccuWeather says, “A close-up look reveals the structure of the egg capsules that appeared to be filled with fluid and a few bubbles of air.” Nerdist says, “The pearly orbs themselves are ‘ovicapsules,’ which actually consist of two egg capsules.” AccuWeather says, “The snails that may eventually emerge from these egg capsules can go on to live for quite some time. The Adelomelon brasiliana snail species is known to live for as long as 20 years.

   In conclusion, those snail eggs will soon hatch and go back to the ocean to hunt for food. This will be no problem for the citizens in Buenos Aires Mar del Plata because they’ll be able to go to the beach without any snail eggs getting in their way.