Parks Girls Soccer VS Buena Park


The referee blows the whistle, “Shwooo.” The Park’s team captain Katherine Oviedo kicks the ball across the field passing it to her teammate. Once the player stopped the ball with her foot, she kicked it with all her might, scoring the first goal of the game. But all of a sudden the referee blew the whistle and called offside meaning her goal did not count. 

After the referee called offsides, he gave the goalie of the Buena Park the ball. Which had allowed her to throw it in. As the game continued the Parks team played well and scored 3 goals. Until, The Buena Park team finally acquired the ball and scored a goal. The teams kept exchanging possession until the Parks team scored another goal.

Buena Park started to play overly aggressive, towards the end of the game. They started to push the Parks players but the referee never called a foul on them. Even though this was going on, the Parks girls did not let this stop them. The game eventually came to a stop and the Parks girls team had won the game 9 – 2. The Parks girls team are currently undefeated and are ready to come out victorious again.