All-City Soccer Championship Game


Elijah Rosas, Contributor

Thursday, March 4, 2022 it is the 8th grade boys junior high soccer championship between Parks and Ladera at Fullerton High School.   The whistle blows and the brother duo with Nathan Queva and Cesar start to work their magic. Nathan passes it to Cesar and Cesar then passes it back to Justin right around midfield. Justin delivers a strike to Alexis who runs, shoots, and scores! This would not be the only time those names are involved. Entering this game Parks was the #2 seed playing against the #1 seed Ladera Vista. Previously, Parks had been shut out to this team 0-4 in which Parks could do nothing. It seemed as if 50 minutes was not enough time for Parks to come back and win in that game. Things changed this time around as Parks established an early lead in the first two minutes of the game. This goal did not seem to startle Lader Vista as they then found the left cross bar at the 11’’ minute mark and scored.  Just when Ladera Vista gained some momentum, Nathan Queva quickly shut that down as he brought the ball up, beat his defender, and scored! There were many cheers as the first half ended and Parks showed no signs of cooling off as they led 2-1.

In the opening minute of the second half Josepf ran down the middle with immense speed. Beating both of his defenders, he gathered the ball and shot a beautiful goal on the bottom right side of the goal. As if scoring one goal was not enough, Nathan Queva then proceeded to score another and make the score 4-1! Just as things became bright for the Panthers, the thought of holding up that trophy soon dwindled. As Ladera Vista shot a penalty kick it went right past goalkeeper, William Edwards, and into the net. They then capitalized on a counter attack where they then managed to score another goal. What was once 4-1, was now just 4-3 just two minutes later.

It was then back and forth for a couple of minutes as both teams played outstanding defense. Then with just four minutes remaining, Ladera Vista managed to score another penalty kick. There was no distinction between both penalty kicks as they both soared through the bottom right side of the goal. Ladera Vista managed to comeback and tie just as the 50’ minute mark approached. Tied, both teams then entered penalty kicks. First off was Ladera Vista. Their first kick was good for a score.  1-0.  Then Parks went up and the coaches chose none other than Nathan Queva to kick the first penalty kick. Nathan made the goal and the other Parks players followed along soon after.  Parks 2 LV 1.  Edwards blocked the next goal from the second LV shooter.   All four  Parks players made their kicks and were counting on Justice Beller to close the show.   GOOOAAALLL!   All five Parks players scored their shootout goals:  Nathan Queva, Alexis, Josepf, Cesar, and Justice Beller to seal the victory. Parks celebrated their Championship by holding the first place trophy.

Boys Championship highlights: