Softball, One Of The Best Sports


Softball is one of the most interesting sports there is. Many people love to watch this game. In 1996, in every fastpitch softball game, all of the tickets were sold out! Softball is a competitive sport, but also a very safe sport. Everything from the sport’s origin to the famous athletes is very interesting to learn about.

The history of softball is unusual. It all started when a fan at a football game threw an old boxing glove. Another fan responded by swinging at the boxing glove with a broomstick. A reporter, George Hancock, decided to call this “indoor baseball”. That is how it all started. Unique, right? After this, many people started to play. Eventually, in 1933, two Chicago men named Leo Fischer and Michael J. Pauley, started a tournament. There were 55 teams and they were split into three groups called slow pitch, fast pitch, and women’s softball. However, softball was not official yet. Later, the Joint Rules Committee approved the Amateur Softball Association (ASA). That is how a popular sport, softball, began.

One of the main rules of softball is that there must be 9 players on the field. Additionally, each team has to bat and field in each inning. In order to score a run, the runner has to run all the way around the field and touch home plate. While a runner is running, a fielder can’t get in the runner’s way unless the fielder is going for the ball or has the ball. In order to get a runner out, a fielder has to tag her with the ball.

Some of the most famous athletes are Jocelyn Alo from Oklahoma, Cat Osterman from Texas, Monica Abbott from Tennessee, and Jennie Finch from Arizona, and UCLA. Jocelyn is one of the best hitters there is. In her career, she hit 96 home runs so far. Cat Osterman, Monica Abbott, and Jennie Finch are all great pitchers. 

How do you win this game? Well, the answer is simple. The team with the most runs wins the game. At the end of the game, the team that has more runs than the other team is victorious.