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Why You Should Get a Dog


People should get a dog because dogs keep you healthy, happy, stress-free, and loyal. Dogs have been around for more than 30,000 years. The first dog was an Afghan hound and they were used for hunting and were always affectionate and loyal to their owners. Today dogs are used for pets, service dogs, and emotional support animals.

Dogs Keep You Healthy

A special benefit dogs provide to humans is that dogs force their owners to get up and start moving. Not only does your dog get itself exercise but they also get you to exercise with them. Dogs motivate you to go for a run with them or a walk with them later during sunset. Like humans, dogs’ bones get weaker as they get older so they need exercise to stay healthy just like you.

Dogs Are Loyal 

Dogs are loyal to their owners which is why they are picked more often than cats. According to Psychology Today, “Studies show that there are over 74 % of people who choose dogs and 41% choose cats.” Dogs show their loyalty because of how you provide them with the essentials of life such as food, toys, love, and companionship.

Service Dogs and ESA

People with disabilities can also use dogs for emotional support and other medical services. For instance, service dogs are used for people who have hearing issues, blindness, autism, seizures, psychiatric episodes, and people in wheelchairs. Unlike normal dogs, service dogs are allowed on public transportation and in locations such as airports to help their owners. With emotional support dogs, they assist people with stress and psychological disorders, often acting as a calming resource.

Benefits of Owning a Dog

In conclusion, you should get a dog because they are great for company, health, and medical issues. Furry friends such as dogs are also friendly and they come in different sizes depending on which one you want. 

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About the Contributor
Isabelle Johnson, Contributor
Isabelle Johnson was born on April 29,2010. In this year and month, Obama announced revised U.S. nuclear strategies. When Isabelle was born, she first opened her eyes at Providence St. Jude Medical Center located in Fullerton, California. When she turned five she moved to Huntington Beach, California. She moved because her family needed a smaller home. After all, they didn't have their two big golden retrievers anymore. In 2018, Isabelle adopted a dog for her 8th birthday and named her Crystal. On January 20th, 2023, Isabelle got a second puppy and named her mochi. These beautiful canines helped Isabelle be positive and supported her emotions to be bold and have confident thinking. Isabelle loves drawing and started when she was five years old. She was not able to draw well, but she put her effort into the art and as a result, she now has great art and can draw almost anything she wants. Isabelle also learned how to do gymnastics with her family's support every step of the way. She started gymnastics at the age of three and is now a level three tumbler. Isabelle wants to achieve her goals, keep her good grades, become a neonatal registered nurse, and make her family proud. Isabelle has a family of six her mom, dad, sister, dog(Crystal), and puppy (Mochi). Isabelle plans on attending Sunny Hills High School where she plans to be a part of their cheer team and agriculture program. Isabelle says that the quote that keeps her motivated is “Being a dog mom is my happily ever after” showing her love and affection for her tiny but mighty pups.

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