Changes In Our Lives


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This year has already been quite a handful because of Covid-19 but what makes it worse is that we have had to adapt to new changes in our lives, such as distance learning. This has been challenging for many, especially for teachers. Teachers have had their teaching methods narrowed into ways that may be difficult for them and students. Many have dealt with WiFi problems and device problems. Some students may not have the resources that are needed this school year and may struggle with money due to Covid-19. It has been hard for young children such as kindergarteners to sit all day and learn through an iPad. Sadly this is how life may be for who knows how long. 

    Schools this year have been affected in many ways due to Covid-19. Some have had to stay closed for in-person teaching and have had to do all virtual learning, while some have gotten the opportunity to do in-person or a hybrid schedule. Our school has gotten the opportunity to do all in-person learning, distance learning, or a hybrid schedule with the students. Our school has gotten past some difficult obstacles but students still tend to have some trouble following these new guidelines. 

    These new guidelines have been a curse to some students, but many tend to find it more appealing to them than having to go to school in-person. Some teachers also may find it more pleasant teaching from home. Being able to stay cozy in our homes while learning has been a pleasure to many. You get to have your breaks and lunches at home, wear your comfortable clothes, not have to walk or get your parents to drive you to school. There are many pleasant things about being home instead of at school, but it may be troublesome for students that have a hard time focusing.

     Distance learning is always great but it still has its cons. Being at home has been a huge distraction for students. You could have the TV on, you could be listening to music or watching videos, face-timing or texting friends, the list goes on. But for this student, this is not a problem at all. “I prefer virtual learning over hybrid and in-person learning because I feel more comfortable learning in my own space and not having to change classes. I also like that I have fewer distractions in my house then at school, and feel like I can concentrate better,” states an 8th grader. Another student explains their abilities with virtual learning, “I like virtual better because I can relax and cook food that I can’t eat at school for lunch at my house. Instead of always changing into different types of clothes, staying in my pajamas is also a big benefit of virtually attending school.” 

      Some may prefer the hybrid schedule instead. A student says “I prefer the hybrid schedule, because it evens out the homework and due dates and is less stressful, it gives you more time to finish work and doesn’t get in the way.” 

      With these new guidelines, people may think of them as a gift or a curse from Covid-19. Distance learning has its pros and cons just like any other thing in the world. Students may have a harder time learning from home because of distractions, while some can simply ignore them, and deal with it.