Panthers Participate in Red Ribbon Week


From Oct. 24-31, our school celebrated Red Ribbon Week. Red Ribbon Week is when students dress up in specific outfits every day for a week to promote staying drug-free. Club Live organized everything for the students from homeroom activities to meme contests.

On Monday, Parks students wore pajamas to school to dream of a drug-free world. Many students and staff were seen wearing checkered pajama pants. The following day, everyone twinned up with their friends wearing matching outfits as they spread the message of “drug-free looks like me.” On Wednesday, it was a sea of red as students celebrated Red Ribbon Week, many of whom wore their red Spiderman shirts from Target. For  Thursday and Friday, students wore sports or Parks gear and ended the week by blacking out drugs with their all-black outfits. And finally, on Halloween, students will show off their best costumes! Overall, the students had a lot of fun dressing up. Eighth-grader Tina Kim said, “My favorite spirit day was probably pajama day,” while student Valerie Miranda mentioned, “My favorite spirit day was when I matched with you and Zarah, and I think it was fun to have a change in school. They should do it more often.” Red Ribbon Week was a fun way to bring the school together and spread a very important message about drug use.