Banksy: Revolutionizer of Street Graffiti


One of the most famous street artists, or even the most famous, is an anonymous man who goes by the name Banksy. His murals appear on infrastructure around London and Bristol, selling for hundreds of thousands of pounds each. Whenever a new Banksy graffiti appears, scores of visitors clamor to get a glimpse of it. Although people still do not know his true identity, it is clear that Banksy has made a huge cultural impact across London and the world.

Banksy’s history is shrouded in mystery. Little to nothing is known to the public, like Banksy’s father being a photocopy engineer or him originating from Bristol and moving to London. Everything we know about him derives from anonymous email interviews and altered voice tapes which Banksy hands to news outlets, and speculation from others. Only a select few truly know his identity and are committed to keeping it a secret.

His graffiti was once, just another regular piece of art in the streets of Bristol. However, when Banksy switched to his famous stenciling style that we know today, his popularity skyrocketed. The graffiti carries out his political and humorous messages, bringing light to many dark and sensitive situations.

Although some think he is defacing the streets with his art, many believe that Banksy has an important role in going against societal norms. Instead of being afraid to bring up controversial situations, Banksy regularly uses them in his graffiti. He has created a cultural change in England and across the globe, inspiring others to speak out against morally wrong and terrible deeds in society.