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Why Gymnastics is the Hardest Sport


Gymnastics is a physical sport that requires balance, strength, flexibility, and agility. People may not know this but gymnastics is the hardest sport because gymnasts around the world are expected to take hardcore training and suffer from stress and injuries to achieve their goal and reach for the Olympics.


First, gymnasts must train until the very second they feel too weak or in pain. Gymnasts are expected to train at least twice a week and make near-impossible goals. Being a gymnast means you have to be strong, so, at least once a week gymnasts will do something known as conditioning. Conditioning is a workout that gymnasts do to stay strong and healthy and maintain their strength and balance and helps them strengthen their core and muscles for bars, floor, beam, and vault. 


The health of a gymnast is very important. They must stay hydrated and strong when doing all their tricks and routines. Being a gymnast can also severely impact the athlete’s mental health. Perfectionism, critiques, and daily training can lead to issues like anxiety, depression, and chronic stress. To remain physically strong, they must maintain a strict diet, eating a very specific number of calories. 


Gymnasts don’t always have time for school because they are too busy and focused on perfecting their moves and challenges. Gymnasts spend their time in a gym Gymnasts spend about 2-5 hours of training during the day and about 30 minutes to an hour of conditioning. Because of this, they eventually have to make up classwork and homework late at night or during study hall. 

Why is gymnastics considered a sport?

Gymnastics comes with many ups and downs.  The athletes come home with a bunch of injuries, bruises, and exhaustion from trying to perfect their moves and routines. In my opinion, it’s the hardest sport to compete in because of the amount of time it takes to strengthen one’s muscles, bones, and core and perfect the routines. They also go through so much pain and effort to make their families, friends, and coaches happy and proud of them. 


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Isabelle Johnson, Contributor
Isabelle Johnson was born on April 29,2010. In this year and month, Obama announced revised U.S. nuclear strategies. When Isabelle was born, she first opened her eyes at Providence St. Jude Medical Center located in Fullerton, California. When she turned five she moved to Huntington Beach, California. She moved because her family needed a smaller home. After all, they didn't have their two big golden retrievers anymore. In 2018, Isabelle adopted a dog for her 8th birthday and named her Crystal. On January 20th, 2023, Isabelle got a second puppy and named her mochi. These beautiful canines helped Isabelle be positive and supported her emotions to be bold and have confident thinking. Isabelle loves drawing and started when she was five years old. She was not able to draw well, but she put her effort into the art and as a result, she now has great art and can draw almost anything she wants. Isabelle also learned how to do gymnastics with her family's support every step of the way. She started gymnastics at the age of three and is now a level three tumbler. Isabelle wants to achieve her goals, keep her good grades, become a neonatal registered nurse, and make her family proud. Isabelle has a family of six her mom, dad, sister, dog(Crystal), and puppy (Mochi). Isabelle plans on attending Sunny Hills High School where she plans to be a part of their cheer team and agriculture program. Isabelle says that the quote that keeps her motivated is “Being a dog mom is my happily ever after” showing her love and affection for her tiny but mighty pups.

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