Among Us – What is it?

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     If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past couple of months, you would know what the popular game Among Us is. Among us is a game that has blown up in the past couple of months, and almost everybody has at least heard or seen of the game. But, in case if you don’t understand the premise or simply do not know what it is, the following will help you understand the baseplate of the game.

     Among Us is a 4-10 player murder mystery game, you can play it with friends or public lobbies with strangers. The characters are represented as simplistic different colored drawn ovals in spacesuits. They wear spacesuits to fit the theme of the game is represented by the 3 maps, Skeld, Mira HQ, and Polus, as they take place in space, a building, and land. The maps have different layouts that have unique features and tasks. The following will cover the roles that you can play as.

     There are only two roles in Among Us, which are randomly chosen when the game starts. The roles played in the game are the Crewmates and the Imposters, all Crewmates either have to complete their tasks or vote out the imposters to win the game, the lobbies majority are crewmates, they are the innocents. The Crewmates cannot do much compared to what the Imposters can, which makes it harder for them to catch the Imposters in the first place.

     The Imposters’ role in the game is to make the innocents have the same amount of Imposters remaining in the game, for example; if there are two crewmates and two imposters left, the imposters automatically win the game. The Imposters can lower the count of the innocents by killing them or convince the rest of the lobby to vote them out in the intermissions, they do not have tasks. The Imposters can also vent, which means they can travel to the other side of the map faster than a blink of an eye, but due to only Imposters being able to do this, if a Crewmate sees somebody doing this, they will know that they are the Imposter. 

Sabotages are something that only the Imposters are able to do, there are around four sabotages they can execute, which are; lights, communications, reactor, and the oxygen crisis. These can limit Crewmate’s vision, abilities, and can even finish the game until somebody fixes it in a specific area. The sabotages do not affect Imposters.

     Intermissions are caused when a Crewmate or Imposter reports a dead body or presses the emergency button. The dead body queue is when somebody finds a body and it immediately cuts to an intermission, no matter the situation. Emergency buttons are usually only able to be pressed once by each person, it also usually has a timer at the start of each round so people cannot press it immediately, it also can be interrupted by sabotages the Imposter creates, which means if there’s a sabotage occurring, you cannot push the button. In the intermission, people can chat with each other and can convince others to vote for a person, they can also skip so nobody will be voted out. If a person has majority votes, that person gets thrown out and killed, while if the votes tied, nothing happens and the game continues.

     Although Among Us was created way back in 2018, it only soared earlier this year due to the internet spreading how fun this game really is. Back when Among Us was first created, it was reported from Wikipedia that ‘Shortly after release, Among Us had an average player count of 30 to 50 concurrent players.’  The games community is now still well and alive due to the number of videos that people upload on YouTube along with the active communities created from this game. 

     In all, Among Us is a unique game, the community is still well and will stay like that for a while. The developers are active and are enthusiastic about the future of this game. There is still so much more about this game it’s almost impossible to go over all of the features of it. Strategies, lying, guessing, logic, and so much more are included in this game that can only be explained if it is experienced. Among Us is incredibly entertaining to play.