As human society evolves, inventing new creations and essentials to improve our daily life, there are still many issues where humans are yet still struggling to overcome. One of the major problems that humans cannot overcome is global warming and pollution. These are one of the many problems that humans create and fail to end it. As this problem increases over the years, it becomes more of a struggle to shrink it back down. There are a lot of people involved to solving this crisis, but there are not enough people. Global warming and pollution is a great threat to all living beings and Earth itself.

Pollution has many causes and therefore many critical dangers. Pollution can cause the death of millions of wildlife animals through trash and bad air quality. Not only can it affect the wildlife, but it can also destroy the natural resources and habitats that living animals and plant live in. Through polluting chemical waste and even plastic material, these habitats are destined to be littered and forgotten. 

From worldwildlife, they published an article of the countless harmful things that pollution can do. One of the main things that pollution has currently affects humans the most is air pollution. Air pollution is almost unpreventable to completely remove and can cause lung cancer and a loss of sight due to bad air quality with the fog.

Humans are estimated to produce 3.5 million tons of trash every year. For many generations it would probably be logically for these trash to be thrown out to the bottomless bit of the ocean. Although this may seem the best option, many of the sea life has been exterminated and killed off due to the toxic chemicals and trash thrown in daily. The sea waters are polluted with oil and many animals are eating trash in the oceans as a substitution for natural food.

Pollution is a serious problem for Earth and every living being inside it. This problem continues to rise up on the charts of our global problems, not that it was not already dangerous. People need to reconsider there options to how they live and waste their trash.