Rise in Covid Cases Once More


       Towards the end of this year we have had a rise in cases. Why? Well there are many reasons for this rise, but it is mainly due to people gathering around with family and friends. Even though we are in shutdown orders at this time, people continue to ignore these new policies. As people go out to hang out with friends and family they are exposing themselves, as well as others. With all that is happening at this moment this has led us into another spike of COVID-19.

       As of December 15, California has 1,617,370 confirmed cases of COVID-19, and a stagering 21,188 deaths, which is stated by California All. The numbers have been rising at an alarming rate for hospitals and scientists, even though we are in Shutdown orders. As for testing, the number of COVID-19 tests in California have reached a total of 27,845,066, and an increase of 293,027 tests from the prior day total. The rate of positive tests in the last 14 days is 10.6 percent, stated by California All one more. As more people keep ignoring the protocols and rules, the more people are going to be exposed to COVID-19. 

       Experts are saying that the true number of people infected is unknown, but is most likely much higher than what we see on the news. To get a better look at how many cases there are of the virus, The Times is organizing an independent, continual survey of dozens of local health agencies across the state, which is stated by Los Angeles Times themselves. This survey can provide new information, which can then lead California onto their next move in this pandemic. So let’s hope that local health agencies do team up with Los Angeles Times to help the public better understand what’s going on in their communities.