The Greatest Showman


(Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

The greatest showman is a musical and drama about Phineas Taylor Barnum who is famous for helping invent show business. It is loosely based on different events that occurred during Barnum’s risky adventure. The film will have been out for three years this December 20th.

The multiple award winning musical made a staggering total of $435 million USD, about $100 million more than the average movie. It stars Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron and Zendaya. The movie won a Teen Choice Award, a Grammy, and was nominated for an Oscar (

All three stars sang on the soundtrack ( The movie is widely known for its hit music with its album selling over 5 million copies globally, marking it as the best selling album of 2018 ( The album includes This Is Me, A Million Dreams, Rewrite the Stars and more. It also reached number one on iTunes in over 60 countries (

Hugh Jackman actually battled Hollywood to make the movie for over 7 years! He said that there have obviously been musicals by Hollywood, but an original musical is really hard to achieve (

Despite the fact that the musical was finally made, many people wish it wasn’t. Critics hated the movie because of its “low-brow and mainstream, whereas truly great musical theater should be held to a higher standard,” ( However, audience members seemed to disagree, showing by the income.