The Rise Of Dream

Credit: Dreams Twitter

Credit: Dream’s Twitter

     Dream is now a well-known member of the Minecraft Community. This article will talk about Dream, and the feats he accomplished in his YouTube career.


Part 1: About Dream

     Dream, (Real Name “Clay”) was born in August 1999, (he is 21 years old today) and he grew up with his 14-year-old sister or “Drista” quoted by another famous YouTuber and streamer TommyInnit. He is mostly known for his Minecraft manhunt series, Dream SMP (SMP stands for “survival multi-player”), speedruns, and modded Minecraft showcases that he programmed himself. Dream is mostly known for his insane clutches, showing how good he is at Minecraft. His channel was probably one of the fastest-growing channels on the platform, gaining over 15 million subscribers in a year, making him one of the fastest-growing channels on YouTube. His profile picture is a now-iconic figure that was drawn on MS Paint, with a green background. He is also known for his quote, “Also according to YouTube analytics, a few percentages of my viewers are not subscribed, so if you end up liking the video, please subscribe.”


 Part 2: The Dream Team

     Dream always wasn’t alone in his journey to internet fame. He had a group of friends who participated in manhunts, modded showcases, and even his friends cheering him on while he was speedrunning. They were known as the “Dream Team”. These members consisted of GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap, Badboyhalo, and Antfrost. He also had various guests on his channel too.


Part 3: Speedrunning

     Dream is known for holding multiple world records of Minecraft speedruns, on multiple versions of Minecraft. Speedrunning in Minecraft is trying to beat the game as fast as possible. In Minecraft, that means when you kill the dragon, you win. His most recent 1.16 speedrun was called out for cheating allegations by increasing the luck from piglin and blaze item drops by a lot. His 1.14 speedrun is legitimate by all means, and he is still on the leaderboard today.


  Part 4: Dream Vs. Technoblade

     Mr. Beast, a very well-known Youtuber known for giving away lots of money, held a tournament between Dream and Technoblade, who is one of the best combat players in Minecraft. He held the world record of most bedwars games won in a row (bedwars in a minigame on the popular Minecraft server, Hypixel) with a winning streak of 1,818 games. He played in various Minecraft tournaments, such as Minecraft Mondays hosted by Keemstar, and MCC. (Minecraft Championships) The competition between Dream and Technoblade was worth 100 thousand dollars and was split into 10 fights, with the first to 5 points winning. It was played in 2 versions of Minecraft combat. 1.8 combat, the older version, relies on clicks per second, strafing, aim, w-tapping, and s-tapping. (spamming your w key and your s key) These skills were more of Technoblade’s strong suit, but on the other hand, Dream was more skilled at 1.9 combat, (or people call it 1.16 combat) which requires timing, hitting critical hits with your ax, and using your shield. This event brought lots of attention to both Dream and Technoblade, both boosting their channel subscribers numbers by a lot. The first round was 1.8, because of a coin flip. Techno won the first round, on 3 hearts left. Then the second round happened. It was 1.9 combat, Dreams strong suit. Dream ended up killing Technoblade, making the match tied 1 to 1. Third round, Technoblade wins. Fourth round, Technoblade wins again in 1.9, bringing the score to 3|1. Fifth-round, Dream take the point, bringing the score to 3|2. Sixth-round Dream gets the point, bringing them into a tie once again. Seventh round, Technoblade gets the point, getting countless free hits on Dream. Eighth round, Technoblade is winning 4|3, he needs to win rounds 8 and round 9 to win, but Dream ends up taking the point once again in 1.9, putting them in another tie. Round 9 begins, Techno only had to win this round or round 10. Dream takes the point, killing Techno on his own version. Round 10. The final round. 100 thousand dollars on the line. It was on Dream’s version. It was so close, but Technoblade killed Dream and won the tournament.


Part 5: Dream SMP

     Dream SMP is a Minecraft server filled with popular streamers consisting of TommyInnit, WilburSoot, Tubbo, Quackity, Technoblade, Philza, All four members of the Dream Team, and others. The story and the lore itself are scripted, but by all means, the server gives viewers plenty of content to enjoy and streamers content to stream. Dream was most likely one of the most popular people on the server for being the villain of the story, harassing citizens of “L’manberg”, and eventually being sent to prison.


     In conclusion, Dream made some remarkable changes to the Minecraft Youtube community and being known as one of the many YouTubers that people watch in this boring pandemic. Stay tuned for more articles of Dream SMP and other Minecraft articles, or anything related to gaming!