Movies delayed due to COVID-19


Closed Movie Theatre due to COVID-19.

Delayed Movies of Covid-19


         Ever wonder how many movies were delayed because of Covid 19? Around 100 movies were delayed. There are so many just as the Marvel movie “ Black Widow”, was supposed to come out May 11, 2020, then it got pushed to November 6, 2020, then again got pushed to May 7, 2021. They are filming movies again but the process to keep everyone safe is a little tricky. 


       Many movies that many people were looking forward to having been delayed due to covid 19. A movie that many sad people were delayed was “Wonder Woman 1984” it was supposed to come out June 5, 2020, then moved to August 14, 2020, then again moved to October 2, 2020, then finally it came out on December 25, 2020. Another movie that had many dates coming out is the Disney movie “Mulan” it was first supposed to come out on March 22, 2020, then moved to July 24, 2020, then again on August 21, 2020. There are so many more movies that have been delayed such as “Minions: Rise of Gru”,” Ghostbusters: Afterlife”, “Soul”, and “ Raga and the last dragon”. 


        There have been so many movies that have been delayed because of Covid 19. Actors, Actresses, and everybody that is on set have to have multiple Covid tests over a while. For this process to be easier, once everyone went through the wellness check and testing they would give a wrist band with a color that goes with the area that they are supposed to work with that day. One of the zones colors is green. If you are in green then you are usually the main cast members, director, and producers. People in the green zone get tested three times a week. 


       Since it is very difficult to remember or stay at least 6 feet away from people at all times, studios have hired people to watch and make sure that no one is closer than six feet away. Quoting Variety “‘That’s not a fun job,” she says. “It’s annoying.”’


      So many movies are delayed and the process of making is now tricky. The movies were moved many times before a certain date was set. Such as “ A quiet place II” was moved 3 times before the final date was set which is September 17, 2021. The process of making a movie has changed so much from people still waking into their jobs on set to going through lots of testing and wellness checks. This is just another example of what Covid 19 has affected.