The New Avatar?

A new Avatar.                                                                                                 Elliot Park

Period 7



Avatar. A Nickelodeon legend, a generational wonder, and a Life-Action disaster. In 2005, the geniuses Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konieyzko joined their brains to create one of the most celebrated shows in The early 2000s. Unfortunately, the show’s first part ended after 3 years of bringing smiles to faces in 2008, with a new part, with a new avatar, in 2012, a show that would run for 4 seasons, or 2 years. After this, the great Avatar was transformed into a live action movie by Netflix, a choice not very well received by the audience. An audience that would give it a disastrous 5 Rotten Tomatoes. However, with news from the very creators of the first Avatar, on the horizon is an entirely new studio revolving around the Avatar, aptly named, “Avatar Studios.” 



       With this marvel on the horizon, the question now is, when will the new studio start making cranking out films, like its mother company, Nickelodeon? Although there isn’t an official release date for the studios, several sources estimate Summer of 2022, or even mid-2023

     Now, with the release date estimated, a few more questions remain. What kind of content will the studio produce? This question may sound impossible to answer, due to the fact that nobody knows anything about any projects being initiated as of yet, but we can actually guess what it may be. Because the avatar series was a comic series, like Marvel, DiMartino and Konieyzko have much to work with, from Mini-Series with popular characters such as Uncle Iroh, Appa, Toph, and the mysterious Mai. The creators also revealed that they may create several spin-off short shows revolving around popular, yet unfamiliar characters, such as Avatar Kyoshi, Avatar Roku, and Yue. With all these characters with so much character to be developed, it may be interesting to see what kind of content the studio will come up with.