Happy April Fools Day!


Senna Oh, Staff Writer

Happy April Fools Day!


April Fools Day is known to be the day when everyone pulls a prank on each other, and today, April 1st of 2021, is the day. Kids fooling their parents to teachers fooling their students. April fools are all about fun. One trick to play on a relative is to remove the batteries out of the tv remote control or tape up the sensor of the remote to make them temporarily confused when they try to switch channels. Of course, there are other tricks like placing fake roaches in the bathroom sink, making fake scratch-off cards that say they won a ton of money or giving a friend caramel onions. 


However, choosing the wrong pranks can end up hurting yourself or others. Never deceive someone into thinking you are dead, promoting any war, or somehow incorporating any sensitive topics in a joke, especially if it’s for public/social media. If there is a risk of hurting someone or yourself in the trick, it is best not to pull it off unless you know the consequences or know how to prevent it. 


Since it is 2021, and covid is still around, it might be hard to think about anything decent to scare your friends. But there is still the option of text pranks. A very reliable trick that can leave anyone confused and maybe a little frustrated is the song lyric prank. Text anyone with just the lyrics of a song. Classic but always funny. Another option is to pretend like you don’t know a friend or act like you are texting a stranger and are uncomfortable with it. With April fools today, have fun and make sure to say “April Fools!” at the end!