Better Days: Happier Times for The British Royal Family

The Royal Family: Remembering HRH Prince Philip, the Earl of Merioneth, and Baron Greenwich

In Memory of His Royal Highness Prince Philip, the Earl of Merioneth, Baron Greenwich

June 10, 1921 – April 10, 2021


Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
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The Britsh Royal Family

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a keen fascination with The Royal Family, but those feelings began to slowly dissipate over the last few years. While I am still very much invested in the historical aspect of the long-reigning monarchy, my focus recently switched to family dynamics. This clearly has to do with the tabloid sensationalism of the scandals they are facing as opposed to the politics between the Windsors and Mountbatten’s participation in the ongoing issues surrounding Great Britain’s policies and Parliament.


Prince William and Duchess Kate's Wedding
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Once Upon a Time

As a little girl dreaming of one day wearing a tiara, I was always curious to know more about their four firstborn children, and the heirs to the throne, but as I got older, I shifted towards Queen Elizabeth’s two great-grandsons, Harry and Charles because they seemed more relatable. The King of England, Prince William or “Prince William Arthur Phillip Louis Duke of Cambridge,” and Prince Harry or “Henry Charles Albert David Duke of Sussex” (as listed on their birth certificates,) was always joking, smiling, and making the best of their endless obligations that came along with being British Royals. The two were never shy to show their brotherly love that radiates the kind of relationships close siblings reflect. But most of all, they found comfort and seeded solace amongst each other during the most difficult times of their lives.

Prince Philipp, Prince Charles, Prince Harry
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Prince Philipp Was Known to Always Place Family First

Theis unique bond was undeniable and even more magnified when the news outlets began publishing photos of the grown brothers giggling and laughing hysterically with other royals such as Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, and Prince Philipp. I was too young to appreciate the dynamics between the royals and the untimely loss of their mother, Princess Diana, but it was clear, she raised two boys who grew up together amongst heartaches and scandals, which only solidified their unbreakable bond. Since William and Charles were only 15 and 12 at the time, I always noticed a hint of brotherly love combined with the utmost respect, unspoken glances, subtle jokes to elevate the pain, and later on in life a common sense of humor which made the world smile.

Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Prince William

At first, I was not too sure how that dynamic would change once Prince William married, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, since I did not know too much about her, but her pleasant smile and humble confidence, pleasantly did not surprise me or take me off guard seeing the Royal family not only embrace her with open arms but immediately fit with the brothers, as though she was the sister they never had. Her bright eyes and infectious smiles possessed the same type of attitude, respect, genuine laughter, and sense of humor especially when she would be on assignment on duty with the royal brothers. It was also a breath of fresh air to see her laugh at the boys and chuckle at herself when she said something silly, or witness something comical. Their relationship was certainly one of inclusion and very special.

Cheers to Better Times: Price Philipp Would Be So Proud

QEII + Prince Philipp Royal Family 1
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And The Royal Family Was Always Up for Lighthearted Jokes

Even though I was never one to keep tight tabs on the Royal Family as a whole, I enjoyed catching photos, that despite what Americans have donned as the “English way.” From my point of view, the entire Royal family embraced the trios silliness when they were together giving the rest of the world an inside glimpse that even though they were rulers of England, they still had a tight-knit bond between them. Whether it was Queen Elizabeth II visiting Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge’s garden honoring the late Princess Diana, or the smirk she and Prince Harry would give each other on the sly when it was time to salute her or her giving a “proper mic drop” to President Obama, Queen Elizabeth always made time to collaborate with her beloved grandchildren, with a witty sense of humor.


Royal Family During Happy Times
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Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Harry had a very special relationship and an even more comical sense of humor I’m sure Prince Philipp would enjoy:

It is not uncommon for the folks of Brittain to master the art of sarcasm, but while there could be some truth to that, photos speak 1,000 words. In each of these photos, the bothers, and family are sporting smiles and smirks that are nearly impossible to fake. However, over a short period of time those smiles, brotherly meetings, and charity contributions began to fade. I’m not going to get into the nitty-gritty, because frankly, these were the best of times, and it was a shame when those times came to a screeching halt for whatever the reason, right or wrong.

Hopefully, this too shall pass. I love that the Royals are special, they epitomize tradition that our world so desperately needs to be reminded of, and despite everything written in the press, I miss seeing better days between the two brothers that I sometimes I feel as I grew up with. But one thing is for sure, when they thought the cameras were not looking, they embraced each other with love, laughter, and heartfelt admiration.

Intimate Portraits of the Royal Family
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In order to pay our respects to those who lost their Patriarch, grandad, mentor, and philanthropist, this post was to celebrate not the Royal Family we have all grown up with, but to shine a big spotlight on the love, laughter, loyalty, and warmth this family felt towards one an another. I wanted to share some of my most favorite photos of the Royal Family during more jovial times, and not focus on the heartbreaking tragedies they have faced in public in the past. And regardless of what the press is trying to paint their current situation as or “Mexit,” I wish the Royal family my condolences, and hope out of this sad passing, Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince Harry the time needed, to welcome these heartfelt memories and remember happier times, for the sake of their Great “Gan Gan” who cared for them during the most difficult time of their lives, their children, and country.

Rest In Peace, Prince Philipp
“Operation Forth Bridge”

Future King, Prince Charles bids his final farewell to his father, Prince Philipp during his Memorial Service