Naval Mine Washes Ashore on Florida Beach


Credit: WPLG

Ashley Lato, Staff Writer

Naval mines are dangerous, explosive devices. This device is supposedly used to damage or demolish ships or submarines. Naval mines are used offensively to trap enemy ships, surrounding them with these devices to minimize their movement. This device is usually positioned in water, which makes the naval mine that washed ashore on a Florida beach, very dangerous.

     On an early Sunday morning, a naval mine washed ashore in Lauderdale-by-the-sea, which is a town in Broward County, in Florida. According to Local 10 News the Broward Sheriff’s Office says the “possible military explosive training device” was found around 2:30 am by a deputy. Fox 19 says, “The sheriff’s bomb squad was called out to investigate, along with the military authorities.” On the mine “inert” was written. This means the mine was a dummy mine used for training purposes. On the other hand, Local 10 says “a military source said that that doesn’t  rule out that it wasn’t active.”

     The U.S. Air Force called the Broward Sheriff’s Office to examine the mine. The naval mine was eventually dug out of the sand and hauled off the shore. Local 10 says the mine was “strapped to a trailer and driven away.” Now the naval mine is in the possession of the United States Air Force for more examination and to determine its origin.

     A naval mine is a very hazardous piece of equipment. This device tends to be very destructive and explosive. People would be put in danger if they were to be near a naval mine. In addition, it would be even more unsafe if this mine was unidentified. Therefore, the best solution for this situation would be to call the authorities.