Cats vs Dogs

A black and white cat is sitting next to a brown and white border collie. The animals are on wood flooring in an indoor studio.

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A black and white cat is sitting next to a brown and white border collie. The animals are on wood flooring in an indoor studio.

Senna Oh, Staff Writer

Cats or Dogs? You might have heard this question at least once in your life, and I’m sure it will be brought up again sometime. Some may already have a definite answer like, “Of course, dogs are better” or “Pft, cats are better.” But some are in the middle, like me…and if you’re like me, keep reading to find out the pros and cons of owning a cat or dog.


Let’s start with cats. Cats, domestic and house, have had relationships with humans as early as 4,000 years ago, for ancient Egyptians worshipped cat goddesses and adopted them as their companions. They have extraordinary hunting skills with strong legs that can leap high in the air. Their sense of smell & sight are outstanding, giving them great advantages in navigating the world around them. They have sharp claws and teeth, keeping themselves balanced with their tails, and these “sneaky skills” cause them to be able to move as silent as a ninja.

 All cats are different, whether it’s based on their breed or just individual personalities. Some may become floppy when you hold them, some may just watch you do things from far away, and some may become extremely hyper when you give them a whiff of catnip. This is why I can’t say much about a cat’s personality and how they act, they are unpredictable and I guarantee you, they are so much fun. As for maintenance and care, I would rate, on a scale of 1-10 how hard it is to care for them, a 5/10. The reason why I rated it at the half mark was because, like I said, cat care depends on the individual cat for the most part. Of course, the basics are that you give them food and water, a litter box, a cat tree, toys, and more. Overall, cats are pretty easy to care for, and require little to no attention. They instinctively clean themselves, and even go to the litter box to “do their thing” themselves.

Please remember to do some research before buying or adopting a cat.


Moving on to dogs. Dogs originated from a species of wolf, and had human relations for nearly 11,000 years. Dogs have evolved from a wolf species, and split into many breeds with different traits. Each dog is distinctive in body shape and style as well. Some have slender legs that make them perfect for running and jumping, and some have short legs and big paws that allow them to dig really well. Some are tiny, like the chihuahua, and some are huge, like the St. Bernard. Dogs are known to have a keen sense of smell, as well as hunting abilities. Dogs are used for good purposes, and are trained for their jobs such as police dogs, service dogs, and rescue dogs. They have been a tremendous help in helping humanity and serving for the nation. But of course, dogs can also be pets at home who can provide you with lots of attention and comfort. Dogs usually have a more fixated personality depending on breeds, but they still have individual characteristics.

As for caring, dogs need more maintenance than cats. On a scale of 1-10 how hard it is to care for them, I’d say it’s a 8/10. This is because dogs need more attention, and they can easily get separation anxiety. Also, dogs need a lot more exercise than cats, but they don’t need a lot of toys. Honestly, the main reason why they need more care is because they are more human-like than cats. They act like toddlers sometimes, and some may act like a 50-year old human. That’s all the more reason to like them though, because they can be the best companion.

Make sure to research before buying or adopting ANY animal, whether it’s a dog, a cat, a reptile, or an insect.


Now, have you made your choice? Dogs or Cats?



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