Parks vs. Beatty


Whoosh! Luke Sorensen, runs past the quarterback, nearly scoring his second touchdown.  It is a game of inches. So many close calls is what makes the game so popular.   Parks is passionate about football.  Parks looks like they have a football team that can compete for a championship. On Wednesday, September 29, 2021, Parks had their first game since 2019.  It has been two years since Parks showed what they could do on the football field.

Parks played a new Middle School named Beatty from Buena Park.  It was no contest.  Parks scored five touchdowns and two extra points.  The students who scored the touchdowns or extra points were Joel Clemente (two touchdowns), Luke Sorensen, Justin, Hudson,  Cameron, and Rianna . The football team is Co-Ed that has thirteen boys and two girls.  The entire team is very skilled and will likely be in contention for a championship.  Fifty enthusiastic athletes tried out for the team, but the coaches Mr. Stricker and Coach Hecht  kept the team to a lean fifteen (only seven players are allowed on the field at a time).  On the team now is Joel Clemente, Luke Sorensen, Elias Vorathavorn, Madden Leasau, Damion Herrera, Justice Beller, Chance Connor , Kamron Tonga, Joseph Sanders, Hudson Ploog, Justin Covarrubias, McAnthony DeCastro, Brennan Cahill, David Park, and finally Rianna Jones.

This is a great start off for Parks. While watching the game, the crowd and players  were  enthusiastic.   The performance of the Parks players brought cheers from the spectators. As a spectator, I look forward to many more moments like these.