Parks VS Buena Park Boys Soccer


Bronson Wang, Contributor

 From the start, there was no competition for Park’s boys soccer team. Park’s boys soccer team would go on to score six points in the first half, and score another six in the second half bringing the final total of 12 points scored in this game against Buena Park. While having such a high scoring game for Parks, they applied extreme pressure and kept Buena Park scoreless the entire game.

          In this 12-0 win at Parks Jr High, Nathan Cueva and Josepf Hudak lead the team in scoring with three goals each. Other scorers include Cesar Villalba, Haram Yoon, Daniel Kim, and Alexis Garcia. Although all these players did score this game, this game would have looked different if it were not for the other players on the team including Justice Beller, Chance Connor, Adrian Cortex, Justin Covarrubias, Cloe Dykes, Willam Edwards, Jacob Guzman, Josh Lee, Parker Mesnik, Daniel Kim, Nathan Robinson and David Salgado for playing amazing defense, supporting one another in practices and games, and pushing each other to be the best they can be.

          With this incredible win, Park’s boys soccer team is looking confident and they can contend for the championship.