Josemaria Rojas, Contributor

On Dec. 9 at the Education City Stadium, both Croatia and Brazil were filled with adrenaline as they headed into the quarterfinals. Going into the game, Croatia had a big hill to climb as they had to face Brazil, one of the greatest teams ever. However, despite Brazil’s previous World Cup wins and their stacked roster, Croatia did not seem discouraged at all. The game started and both teams applied an immense amount of pressure. For the entire 90 minutes, both teams could not get on the scoreboard, forcing the game to go into extra time. Finally, Brazil broke through Croatia’s defense with a quick one-two play and Neymar scored in the 105+1 minute. It seemed Brazil would end up the winner, but in the last few minutes, Croatian Bruno Petković took advantage of a quick counterattack and scored in the 116th minute! Going into penalty kicks, Croatia shined as they easily scored and their goalkeeper blocked. On Brazil’s fourth penalty kick and last chance, Rodrygo missed and Croatia advanced to the semi-finals.