The 2022 New York Marathon


On Nov. 6, 2022, 47,839 finishers ran the New York Marathon. The participants covered 26.2 miles, a route that goes through the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, back to Manhattan, and ending with a scenic stretch through Central Park. The New York City Marathon is one of the hardest marathons in the US, with some considering it harder than the Boston Marathon. What makes the marathon so difficult to run is the constant uphill run; the race consists of five steep bridges, each a test of endurance. Additionally, this year’s weather conditions did not make it any easier as it was humid from the rain and abnormally hot for the fall season with temperatures in the mid-70s (Fahrenheit). Because the marathon is so tough to complete, runners had to go through a series of tests such as submitting qualifying times and entering a drawing. This year, only 12% of the 84 thousand entries were chosen to participate in the special event.

Before the race, a convention was held in the Jacob Javits Convention Center where racers picked up their racing bibs and shirts. Once the participants passed the check-in point, they were able to visit various booths, take pictures with props, and get the newest information on running brands. After spending time socializing and exploring the different stations, runners prepared to start the race. At first, the marathon was off to a rocky start when there was not enough transportation to take the large number of runners to the starting point. But once the event got going, the atmosphere was indescribable. Spectators lined the sides of the race holding personalized signs and cheering for the runners passing by; some even brought snacks like pretzel sticks to give to the runners for an extra boost. There were countless memorable moments from the marathon but a couple of standouts were when a man ran the entire race with a pineapple balanced on his head and when the male elite winners were only separated by a mere 15 seconds! All in all, the New York Marathon was an amazing and uplifting experience for all involved.