Sanctions on Russia

In the time of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the United Nations and other countries, not wanting to start a nuclear war with Russia, have started using sanctions against Russia. 

Wait! What are sanctions? Well, sanctions are non-military penalties imposed on one country from another. Sanctions are often used to stop countries from acting aggressively or breaking the law. They usually target countries or powerful individuals that help the country. Other than war, sanctions are the toughest measures that nations can use to try to neutralize an enemy and avoid war.

The Russian-Ukrainian war has been bringing up some interesting, and even scary ideas: “World War III”, “world destruction”, etc. For this reason, the United Nations and other countries have imposed some sanctions on Russia. They are refusing to send luxury items to Russia. These items include vehicles, high-end fashion and art. Also, the UK banned private plane rides that were chartered by Russians. Some other sanctions are bans on Russian flights over UK, US, EU and Canadian airspace; 35% tax on some imports from Russia, like vodka; and a ban on the export of certain goods used by Russian firms.

Sanctions are not always targeted at a whole country. For example, the UK has put travel bans on former Russian president Dmitri Medvedev and defense minister Sergei Shoigu. They also froze Medvedev’s and Shoigu’s assets. Besides them, the UK, EU and US have imposed sanctions on 386 members of the Russian Parliament.

These sanctions imposed against Russia have had some interesting results. Russia has retaliated against the U.S., UK, and some other countries. Russia imposed their own sanctions against these countries: they banned exports of more than 200 products, and they banned Russian firms from paying shareholders that reside overseas.

Currently, Russia and the UN are at a stalemate. The UN can not stop Russia with sanctions, and Russia’s sanctions are not weakening the UN too much. Russia is continuing their invasion on Ukraine while the rest of the world watches it happen. Both nations are holding their nuclear weapons back because they know the consequences of what might happen if they fire them. Sanctions so far are the best thing that can be done right now because any signs of nuclear weaponry being drawn could lead to nuclear warfare. Could our planet be at the brink of World War III?