Raising Dion (Review)


How would you act if you discover that you have superpowers and need to learn how to control them while finding your way around the world? That’s what Netflix’s superhero series Raising Dion story is about. It’s based on the comic book known as Raising Dion written by Dennis Liu. The show starts of showing Dion levitating himself unconsciously in bed when he was sick. It later develops into a training session as Mark’s (Dions dad) old friend, Charlotte teaches him to manipulate ions and molecules, making his body invisible.

The struggles children face when growing up are demonstrated in the show, while also adding on the difficulty of being the main target of the “Crooked Man.” Although the story is creative, it contains many plot holes as there are new problems every twenty minutes. Raising Dion is also a very repetitive show due to the fact that season two is the same as season one with no new characters or conflicts. The show could have been more developed if it was based on a teenager instead of a cute child, who created a cheesy dynamic. On this account, the show Raising Dion has a good concept but poor delivery.