Ukraine Refugees attacked at a Train Station

Ukraine Refugees attacked at a Train Station

Yaretzy Martinez, Contributor

On April 8th, 2022 refugees attempted to escape from the war but were attacked. On this day the Kramatorsk Train Station, used to evacuate civilians, was hit by a Russian Rocket. Predictably, Russia denied the accusation.

The war between Russia and Ukraine still continues and everyday life becomes harder for Ukrainian civilians. April 8th, at about 10:30Am the explosions were heard. People counted between five and ten explosions. About 4,000 people were at the train station when it was attacked. Nearly all these people were women and children. These people attempted to escape from the chaos. They had some hope to escape, but instead some of them lost their lives that day. Civilians cannot feel at peace and safe anymore. This war is dragging on for too long, and as the days pass by more damage is being caused. It has come to the point that civilians are now being attacked. Unfortunately, about 52 people were killed on this tragic day. While about 100 people overall were injured in this incident, 5 children were killed.

After this attack, President Volodymyr Zelensky went onto Instagram and put up a post stating, “Lacking the strength and courage to stand up to us on the battlefield, they are cynically destroying the civilian population, This is an evil that has no limits. And if it is not punished, it will never stop.” But Russia denied this accusation. Russia claims to not use the type of rocket that was used in the attack. However images and videos posted online of the war clearly show the Russian Military using the type of rocket that was used in the attack. So Russia appears to be lying and trying to cover up that they are now attacking civilians.

Ukrainian civilians live without a moment of peace. Each day their suffering is increasing. Death tolls continue to rise as this war continues. Unfortunately this death toll now contains civilians including children. No Ukrainian can feel safe anymore. All we can do now is to pray and hope that this suffering will end soon.