New Movie: The Black Phone Rises To Fame


Have you seen “The Black Phone” yet? It’s a new horror movie that’s currently been rising to the top. It has many great actors in it, such as Mason Thames, Ethan Hawke, Madeleine McGraw, and many more! All these actors and the crew came together in Wilmington, North Carolina from Feb 9, 2021, to March 27, 2021, to film the movie. The film was officially released on June 24, 2022. 

The movie is about a shy boy named Finney Blake(Thames) who gets kidnapped by the grabber(Hawke), a sadistic, masked killer, who holds Finney in his basement. In the basement, Finney gets calls from a disconnected phone which soon reveal the callers as the previous victims of the grabber’s murders. They help Finney and make sure he doesn’t get the same fate as them. 

It has been rated as rated R because it has violence, gore, language, drug use, and scary scenes. It’s liked by many, mainly by teenagers. It has a solid 4.3/5 audience score and an 82% on Rotten Tomatoes. These ratings could be the cause of many things such as the violent scenes, the relationships between the characters, or the whole storyline together. This two-hour-long movie is definitely worth your time!