Elemental Teaser Trailer


On Nov. 17, 2022, Pixar released a teaser trailer for their much-anticipated film, Elemental. The movie is about a world where the four nature elements live together as residents. 

In the teaser, a girl made of fire enters a subway that’s on its way to Elemental City. With her headphones and glittery hoodie on, she strolls past interesting individuals made of water, air, grass, and dirt. As the main character gazes out the window, the train enters a tunnel and goes over a small bump, causing her headphones to fall off her head. When she goes to pick them up, a single drop of water falls on her hand, causing her to pull back in pain. She looks up and sees a bright blue boy made of water who is smiling sheepishly.  As they make eye contact, the screen goes black. Before the trailer ends, the characters introduce themselves to each other as Wade and Ember. With its dazzling colors and advanced animation, Elemental is sure to be a hit movie when it officially premieres in 2023.