The World Cup – Qatar’s Controversies


World Cup 2022 has been exciting for many, but Qatar has been disappointing for some fans with the various controversies surrounding the host nation. For example, people have been banned from carrying bottles, cups, or jars, and alcoholic beverages are prohibited. These bans have led to problems among fans and sponsors such as Budweiser which has had a sponsorship deal with FIFA since 1986. Due to the alcohol ban in the country, the company has decided to give unsold drinks to the eventual winners. Another huge issue with the world cup is the construction of its stadiums. Migrants from Bangladesh, India, and Nepal who helped build the stadiums have many obstacles including not being able to leave the country and waiting months to get paid for hard physical labor. One worker claims he was lied to about the salary he would receive, declaring he was promised $300 a month when he started work, but it turned out to be only $190. Although Qatar might not be the best for the fans and workers, the games themselves have been playing out fairly well with no major problems. Only time will tell if the country’s issues will ultimately affect people’s attitude toward the usually positive and exciting sporting competition.