Parks Gets Huge Win Against Fisler Navigators


On March 28, 2023, the Parks Panthers basketball team triumphed over the Fisler Navigators 42-33, tying them as the number one seed with Ladera Vista. They beat the Navigators by driving to the basket, running the plays, talking and playing hard on defense, and playing together as a team. One of their top scorers was Nathan Oh who had 10 points, along with 8 rebounds.  The Panthers’ next game will be against the Ladera Vista Spartans. This will be a big game for our school because it will determine who will be the top team in the league.  Unlike other teams, the Panthers will take this game very seriously. To prepare, they will practice the hardest they ever have and run their plays just as if they’re playing like it was a game. The Panthers are scheduled to face off with the Spartans on April 5, which will be their toughest challenge yet.