Are People Overly Dependent On Technology?



Ever since the 21st century, humans have even more revolved themselves around technology and used them for many essential purposes. As of today, over 50% of humans use technology actively. As this world becomes surrounded by technology, the question remains whether humans are relying too much on technology.

There are many uses for technology. People use technology to be entertained through social media apps and other streaming platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. These apps keep information about a person’s birth, age, and much more important information. As humans live on with technology, they are inputting more private information on the internet, increasing risks of privacy if hacked online. 

Interacting with countless people on the internet, from close friends and families to strangers and bots. People can never be certain with what can happen while browsing through and searching many different websites. So, always communicating and searching through the browsers can lead to viruses and risks to be hacked. However, the internet holds many valuable information, so easily kept on a single website. So, using technologies can be used for many great things involving small risks. 

Over relying on technology can lead to risks to our own humanity. As technology gets better and more advanced, more inventions will be made. Robots and artificial intelligence can do many capable things that humans cannot do such as calculating fast, thinking systematically, and solving problems. With over relying on technology, these things can become a mind of its own to soon conquer the human species and take over the planet Earth.

In conclusion, technology use is rising to new heights and people should start to rethink the use of technology and how much people are relying on it. Technology can go both ways, good and bad, and people need to make sure that the most influential invention does not go to waste.