Pokémon’s 25th Anniversary




On November 26th, live at the Macy’s 2020 Thanksgiving Day Parade 2021, Pokemon’s 25th anniversary was teased, along with a tweet from the official Pokemon Twitter, showing off a new logo with a Pikachu head with the numbers 25 plastered on it. The tweet reads: “Need one more thing to be thankful for today, Trainers?

Our Pokémon 25th Anniversary celebration kicks off in 2021!

Stay tuned for more details!



Fans of the series have already been digging through Nintendo’s data looking for hints as to what to expect for the anniversary. Throughout social media, fans speculate a new Pokémon mobile game to be revealed somewhere near December of this year, due to possible data-mines and a new release of a Generation IV pokemon card. Though ComicBook Gaming, a website containing news and reviews on video games and comics advises fans to take the information with a grain of salt. However, several Twitter users including @KeliosFR who had posted a credible leak earlier this year are one of many fans that claim that there will be a new remake of a fan-favorite game of the series, “Diamond and Pearl.”


Through data-mines, fans have found possible new implemented game functions, including exp-share, the possibility of mega-evolutions, graphics, an aesthetic similar to those seen in the newest game “Pokemon Sword and Shield,” and a different name for the possible remake. Though there may seem to be many changes, more important aspects will stay true to the original DS game. Players will still be able to pick the same starter Pokemon, the game will only feature the original 210 pokemon, and it will still take place in the Sinnoh Region, according to several sources such as “TheGamer,” “GamePressure,” and “GameRant.” all trustworthy gaming review and news websites with several patrons and visitors. Though keep in mind that is not an official announcement that this game will come out. These are only speculations due to a few factors.