A school puts special needs daughter in ‘box room’ for punishment

In Gilbert, Arizona, a little 7-year-old girl named Finley was given a punishment at her school. Finley is a special needs student that attends Power Ranch Elementary. She has ADHD, a cognitive learning disability, dyslexia, and sensory learning issues. She had loved going to school until this incident had occurred. Her parents were very upset. Her mother recalls the administrator telling her that Finley had thrown something in her office, so the administrator put her there, and said it was no big deal. 

Reporter Briana Whitney asked Finley what the school administrators had told her, and Finley answers, “I’m gonna leave you in this room.” 

The reporter answers, “That’s what they said to you?”

“Yeah and then they walked out,” according to Finley. 

The reporter then asks how Finley felt, and she replies, “Scared.”

The school principal was informed of this and he assures Finley’s mother that he had no clue her daughter was in the room. The principal explains the room was for special needs kids who are violent towards themselves or others. It is called an individualized education program, or IEP. 

Finley’s family reached out to Higley Unified School District for a comment, and a spokesperson sent a statement: “Please know we take these accusations seriously and investigate all matters that come to our attention, but we are unable to respond to questions or concerns regarding specific students or employees due to privacy laws.”

The mother then states that there has to be a change in the system, like putting more money towards a better education for the teachers and administrators about special needs kids.