The Two Biggest Updates Apple Has Released?


On Sept. 16, 2022, Apple released two new updates that have taken the world by storm. The new iPhone 14, which comes in a standard and plus size, has prioritized safety with its new features. The new phone now has the ability to send emergency text messages without needing wifi or cellular service; rather, it utilizes nearby satellites. Another feature that helps users feel safer and more secure when driving is its emergency detection. This model is able to detect when the user is in a severe car crash and contacts 911 as well as the user’s emergency contacts right away. In addition to its added safety features, the iPhone 14 also includes other amazing advancements. To start, the new model contains a 26-hour long-lasting battery, a MagSafe charger for faster wireless charging, and 21 percent more screen with a Super Retina XDR display. The device’s camera also got an upgrade as it is able to deliver better contrast for true whites and dark black, allowing everything to look sharper. But probably the newest camera feature is its Action Mode. With Action Mode, users will have a smoother recording when filming on an uneven or rocky surface. All these features are just a fraction of what the new iPhone can do!

Although the new iPhone 14 is incredible, it’s not the only new update Apple has released. The new iOS 16 includes many of its own features. One of the biggest changes that comes with the iOS 16 update is the new look for the lock screen.  Each lock screen can now be customized with different notification settings and widgets. Before, widgets were only accessible on the home screen, but now are available directly on the lock screen so users can see the weather, calendar events, and more. In addition to all the new lock screen features, the text messaging app has changed a lot as well. If people accidentally send a message, they are now able to edit the text that has been already sent. Users are also able to share media such as videos and songs and screenplay them on messages. Finally, the new operating system has made collaboration with groups much easier; it has become much more user-friendly to share notes, reminders, presentations, and even Safari tab groups with friends and family. These are just a few features the iOS 16 allows, but the most prominent people have noticed. 

These two new updates Apple has released are probably one of the company’s biggest updates in recent years. Many Apple users have already posted positive reviews of these updates and seem extremely fond of both the iPhone 14 and iOS 16. What do you think of these new Apple releases?