Deep Sea Creature Washes Up on Shore


Courtesy of: Crystal Cove State Park

   On a Friday a female Pacific football fish was discovered on the shores of Crystal Cove State Park in Newport Beach by a beachgoer named Ben Eslef. This fish has extremely sharp teeth and a body shaped like a football, hence the name Pacific football fish.

   The Pacific football fish is one of over 200 species of anglerfish in the entire world. These fish are usually found in the depths of the ocean as deep as 3,000 feet. Females of this species can grow up to 24 inches while the male-only grow to about an inch. USA Today says only the females of this species have the bioluminescent tips, which this sea creature is famous for. The bioluminescent tip’s purpose is to tempt the prey. USA Today says, “Park officials added that it is rare to find an anglerfish intact, and they do not know how the fish washed ashore.”

Courtesy of Crystal Cove State Park

   CNN mentioned that California State Parks says, “The creature’s teeth are sharp and pointy like shards of glass and their large mouth is capable of sucking up and swallowing prey the size of their own body.” California State Park was also able to determine the fish was a female, due to the size and the anglerfish lure, or the “protruding stalk on the top of the head”, as CNN describes it. The Crystal Cove State Post indicates “The sole purpose of the male fish is to help a female reproduce.” Currently, the body of the Pacific football fish is being held by California Department of Fish & Wildlife for research and education purposes.

Courtesy of Crystal Cove State Park

   To sum up, there are more creatures lurking deep down below the ocean’s surface. There are more species to be discovered. Lastly, there are more creatures to reveal and introduce to the world.