Elon Musk Reveals New Phone


Elon blows our minds once again.

From this multimillionaire, we expect any immense project and even more from the one Elon Musk. He has done many experiments that few men dare to attempt. Elon launched his own Tesla to space and sold flamethrowers and merchandise all because he was bored. Elon built a tunnel to remove traffic for himself and many others, but out of everything, his next project is a phone. This phone called the “Model Pi” as in the math symbol has many features, such as solar charging, changing colors by itself, crypto mining, and many other additions to the phone. The phone has insane durability and has WiFi anywhere since Elon owns Starlink the satellite company.

The phone accesses service anywhere in the world; it connects to the satellites in space. These amazing features do more than the average iPhone or Samsung. Elon was destined to be a billionaire with spaceships and an amazing car company but has now made a phone. This idea is completely different from what he works with such as cars, spaceships, flamethrower type tech. Those of us on the waiting list to buy the phone wonder how the sales will soar for this one kind of phone.