NATO’s Military Involvement in Ukraine


Recently, an extremely controversial topic has flooded all forms of social media. This is the Russian invasion of Ukraine. More specifically, youth of all ages have shown a sudden interest in what the world is doing in response to the current conflicts. When many learn of the fact that powerful countries such as the United States are not sending troops to support Ukraine, they are confused and angered. However, there are many things that factor into surrounding countries not aiding Ukraine militarily. Simply sending troops can be a very difficult decision. 

There are many different things that factor into deciding whether or not to provide help for Ukraine. For example, one wrong move can cause a domino effect and result in harsh consequences. If a country part of NATO were to join this conflict, the U.S. and other NATO affiliated countries would be required to supply substantial aid. Currently, America has sent monetary support to Ukraine. However, other than sanctions on Russia, there have been no other military efforts for Ukraine. While this may sound like a selfish decision, it is the safest and smartest choice. Any other choice could lead to a nuclear war, and even the start of a World War 3. 

Although it hurts the hearts of many throughout the nation, there are currently no better options. Simply knowing that America is doing the most possible can help improve national morale. Helping the Ukrainian people in this time of chaos is our main goal. As of now, monetary aid is the safest way to help Ukraine.