Ukraine Americans Rallying in Sacramento


The topic of Russia invading Ukraine has been a popular one for a while now, however, many of the things that came up were about what was happening in Ukraine. Though many people feel sympathy towards the Ukrainians, there have not been many public protests in the U.S., against the war. 

The Ukrainian American community rallied on the steps of the state Capitol on Thursday, February 24, 2022. The citizens rallying stated that they wanted NATO, as well as the rest of the world, to help and protect Ukraine because Putin might bring more destruction to the world if not stopped. The Ukrainian American House planned a breakfast at a Ukrainian church on Saturday. This was in hope of bringing awareness to the U.S. about preserving democracy and independence in Ukraine. People are asserting the fact that the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, invaded Ukraine because they wanted freedom and to not be overtaken by Russia. Skots, Chairman of the Ukrainian American House, stated, “One leader lost his mind and attacked another country… Just because Ukraine wants to be free. Because Ukraine wants to go from propaganda toward education, toward NATO.” This quote gave insight on not only Putin, but other leaders becoming angry and then invading other countries because they believe that one country belongs to them. The quote is also showing that Ukraine wants to break free from the propaganda, or assumptions made about other people due to false information, and use facts as their sources of proof as well as use the knowledge to seek help and protection from NATO.