NBA Changing Completely


Through the course of the NBA, there have been many changes in how players play the game. Back in the mid 1900s, most NBA players avoided shooting the ball from far away from the basket and would always pass it around till someone was open. Now, if you were to watch an NBA game or any basketball game for that matter, you would most likely see players dribbling down the court and shooting from deep. This started largely due to Stephen Curry once he became an all-star in the NBA. Steph went on to become extremely successful at shooting threes at efficient rates that the entire NBA started to change. This was the evidence teams needed to change the way they play. This however is just the start of how the game of basketball has changed completely.

With shooting threes at an all time high, it also affected the scoring change in the NBA. With players shooting so many threes a game, players are dropping 50 point games left and right. The league is seeing a drop in defense and a huge rise in scoring. Back in 1990-1999, there were 47 50 point games. Now, in just the 2021-2022 season, the NBA has seen 18 50 point games on its own. This is a huge scoring change as it was rare to come by a 50 point game unless you were living back in the 1950s and watching Wilt Chamberlain.

With the scoring high from a distance in the NBA, it also affected the positions in the NBA. Now, most teams are playing small ball so they can shoot as efficiently as possible from three. With many teams focusing on making three points, many guards that may not have been superstars back in the 90s are finding themselves dominating the league. Although this may seem like an advantage for guards, it also helps forwards and centers. Since so many teams are drafting and playing guards, centers and forwards are finding themselves dominating the paint.

Though there are many more changes to the NBA, these are some of the most notable changes that the NBA has seen recently. Some may say this is a good thing for the NBA, but there are also people that do not enjoy the changes as well. With all things aside, the NBA has come a long way since it was first introduced to the world.