Drones From Russia Pass Ukraine Border And Into NATO Territory and Ukraine


On March 10, 2022 a drone was spotted flying, and it had been estimated to have flown over 350 miles and passed the Ukraine border before crashing in Croatia. People investigating the scene found explosive devices attached to the drone. At first Ukraine soldiers who had seen it could not determine if it was part of Ukraine or Russia. In the article it says “Another drone recently entered the airspace of Romania, south of Ukraine” (By Jeremy Herb, Natasha Bertrand and Barbara Starr, CNN). And on Tuesday, Ukraine’s military said it shot down a Russian drone that had reentered Ukraine through Polish airspace. This evidence points out that Russia is likely involved. Many officials tried to track Russia’s moves with the recent attacks on Ukraine. In an article it states about the drones, “Russia is planning to supply its troops with small-scale drones that can drop bombs, Russian news site Izvestia reported July 2019. The quadcopters (drones)  outfitted with explosives, are modeled after similar commercial drones rigged with explosive devices used by ISIS fighters in Syria”(By Jeremy Herb, Natasha Bertrand and Barbara Starr, CNN).

This can cause Ukraine to go under heavy security since this is such a new technology Ukraine was not prepared for. The USA has drawn a line and refuses to join this conflict, but has sent money for higher security. Many other states and countries are trying to help since they know how wrong it is for Putin to order attacks. Ukraine is at a heavy disadvantage with the current state of Russia. With new tech like this Ukraine soon may lose and be forced to return to the Soviet Union.