80’s Rock


London Wood, Writer

 The 80’s. What a great year for music!  Many popular bands that we still listen to today were from the 80’s. Celebrities that we know today were from some 80’s bands. The Smiths are one of my favorite bands from the decade. My two favorite songs are from this band like “How Soon Now” and “Please Please Let Me Get What I Want.”  Those two songs have a sound like no other band and are my favorite from The Smiths.  The Smiths are one of the many bands that help define 80’s music.   

Throughout the years music has gone in and out without a consistent sound that defines the past two decades.  One year it could be all about hip pop and rock and the next year all about edm ( electrical dance music). It is a circle but nothing that catches the imagination to create a style.  The 80’s had rock stars that influenced fashion as well as music.  Luckily, 80’s music is there forever and we can always go on Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora, etc. 80’s music will last forever, and it is there for some to enjoy any time we want to hear a flashback tune.   So it is safe to say that 80’s music is here to stay.