Civic Endeavors: The Games

Civic Endeavors: The Games

Nishtha Patel, Contributor

FSD Fest is an event to showcase work from all of the Fullerton District
schools and acknowledge the hard work of students. This year though, the festival created a new event called “Civic Endeavors: The Games,” that spiked many students’ interest.

Previously, the students had to create an invention that would be judged and winners would be picked. This year, instead of creating a final product, the games in Civic Endeavors would guide you through the steps of creating a beneficial invention. This event was inspired by the 17 UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development, and students would participate in challenges which demonstrated the “5 Cs”. The 5 Cs are 5 steps to create a product including: Collaboration, Common Sense, Creativity, Comprehension, and Care.
For the first “C” collaboration, students had to build a structure out of index cards. The tallest tower would win, seems easy right? Nope!

Collaboration is never this simple, and sometimes you have trouble working with your teammates. That is why during the whole activity you could not talk to your peers. Creative thinking had to be used in order to communicate. Hand signals, lip syncing, and even arm and feet movements were used to build the tallest tower as a group. Not only that, trial and error was needed, as finding the perfect technique was not easy! Even with the ups and downs, this challenge was the perfect way to collaborate uniquely.

Now, for common sense. This “C” is not what you would think. In this situation, common sense meant your mindset and reflexes. What would you do if there was a roadblock in your path? This relay race imitated challenges blocking your path to your innovative invention. All four teammates held towels, with two people holding each one. Water balloons were placed on one towel, and your group had to work together to gently transfer the balloon back and forth between the two towels until you reached the bucket to put the water balloon in. It may be challenging at first, but after creating an exemplary rhythm, you may score many points.

This next “C” needs some inspiration, after all it stands for creativity. Your group has to work together to create a poster campaigning for your chosen cause. You may pick from gender equality, climate action, no poverty, and healthcare for all. You are given 5 minutes to discuss, and then 5 minutes to pick out your materials. The key concept of this challenge is to work together as a group to create a poster that attracts many to support your cause. There was a 10 minute time limit, so you had to use it

Pay attention to this “C”! For Comprehension, you had to take a super quiz. A short video was played about the types of endeavors, and how you can help even from your couch. To make this an enjoyable activity, the quiz took place in the Nearpod mode “Time to Climb.” In this mode you could choose your avatar and answer questions to be the first to reach the mountain peak.

To end the event o came the final “C”, Care. This was a reflection of what everyone learned and a celebration of participating in the event. Everyone received medals for showing up, which were fashioned with the new 2022 FSD Fest logo.

Something to note, guest observers handed out colored tokens every challenge to someone who demonstrated the category the best. Then the guest observers (which included our very own Mrs. Makely!) called up everyone who received a colored token in the category they were given. The observer picked one student out of all the people who earned a colored token as their favorite response, and that person received a portable Sony speaker! Everyone else who received a colored token, but did not win the speaker selected from a mochi squishy or a slime.

As a team, people also earned pirate coins if your group ended up winning one (or more) challenge(s). Whichever team had the most tokens at the end would all win speakers! If there was a tie, the winners would be determined by the first “C” or the index card tower game. Whoever had the tallest tower would win!

Did Civic Endeavors: The Games sound fun to you? If so, maybe you should join it next year for some sweet prizes and a bunch of fun!