California’s Power Shortage


Courtesy to creativecommons

     Recently in the year 2020, you just may have heard of energy shortages mainly located in California. These complications are due for multiple reasons, the main causes being storms, fires, and COVID-19. According to, it states ‘energy revenues going to governments and industry are set to fall by well over $1 trillion in 2020, according to the report. Oil accounts for most of this decline as, for the first time, global consumer spending on oil is set to fall below the amount spent on electricity.’ 

     There are many reasons for California’s electricity usages to soar, such as heat rising, COVID-19, storms, fires, scarce power coming in from other states, and more. As for heat, most call it the key culprit of the high energy usage, and as it states in the LA Times, So as temperatures soared Friday, many people instead stayed at home with their air conditioners blasting.’ Along with ‘other factors including a dearth of power coming in from other states.’ The heat also affecting other neighboring states, and again from the LA Times; ‘The record heat caused electricity shortages in many neighboring states, preventing them from exporting excess power to California, officials said.’ This explains why other states didn’t send any power to help California.