On Campus Expectations During Covid-19


Due to Covid-19, schools have closed down, people became unemployed, and many places have closed. Recently, the schools in Fullerton have opened back up, and students have returned to school. However, in order to prevent the virus from spreading in the school, additional rules have been added to keep students, teachers, and other staff members safe. The following covers the school expectations while being on campus during this global pandemic.

One of the expectations while being on school campus is students are required to wear their masks at all times. The masks will help prevent the Coronavirus from spreading while students and teachers are talking. The only exceptions are when students are drinking water or eating. The mask also prevents face to face contact with anyone who comes across you or talks to you. Additional expectations, which build off this follow.

Social distancing is also required at all times. In my school, Parks Junior High, we have social distancing dots everywhere so everyone can be at least 6 feet apart from each other. Since students are not silent while eating, the social distancing dot will lesson the prevention of the virus without the masks. Staff that manages us makes sure to remind us to remain socially distant and move a little bit so that we can all be safer.

Papers that used to be given out are now all online. For example, our progress reports used to be printed out on paper and given to us at the end of each quarter are now being emailed to us. Homework assignments are now all on our iPads and have to be turned into Google Classrooms, classwork needs to be done in notability and turned into Google Classroom as well. Some teachers were unable to come to school physically so we have a long term substitute teacher while the students that have those classes are to log into class through Zoom and listen to the lecture.

The expectations at school can be difficult to follow especially for those who do not like wearing masks. In the end, they’re only there to keep us safe while also trying to get back to regular school days. Our safety is the teacher’s number one priority and this is them showing us that.