Graphic Novels

Courtesy of Creative Commons

Courtesy of Creative Commons

      Today, many young and old people enjoy a format of reading called graphic novels. To some who have not experienced reading graphic novels, the books could look like comics. However, many graphic novels are written about serious subjects, though some are just for fun. A graphic novel is a book with pictures that provides a visual aid for the readers. 

      Some people have a hard time visualizing things in books, which is a major reason why many people prefer graphic novels over books with no pictures. Furthermore, readers are drawn to graphic novels because they are less intense, and instead, flow more smoothly with pictures.  

     The ratio of pictures to words in graphic novels may vary from ages that the book’s targeted audience is. For example, a graphic novel for young children may have larger pictures and fewer words than a graphic novel targeted towards adults.

    In graphic novels, the pictures portray what is happening according to what the words on the books say. For example, on a page the text could be “a tear rolled down her face” and the picture would show a tear rolling down a girl’s face. The pictures help readers visualize what is happening and it helps the reader better understand what is going on in the novel. 

    A good graphic novel makes readers feel stronger emotions. The pictures provide a description and it causes readers to feel more attached to the characters and the storyline. Furthermore, pictures make books seem less overwhelming to readers. It is very common for many people to just skim over pages and lose interest in the book. For example, it feels easier for readers to read a page that has fewer words so they can fully grasp what is happening.

     Although graphic novels may seem childish and unqualified to be a book, there are many reasons why graphic novels may be helpful for those who have a hard time reading books. This is the informational guide to the genre called graphic novels, which many of today’s readers enjoy.