The End of Covid-19?


       With Covid-19 around we have had a tough year. But wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have Covid around anymore? Well, we may be in luck because scientists have been working on a vaccine ever since Covid-19 was first reported. But the big issue with distributing a vaccine to the world is who is gonna get it first? Will the vaccine work, or will it cause a rise in cases? Will this fully solve the problem or will it only be temporary? Hopefully, all these questions will soon be answered.

       Vaccines usually take some time before reaching clinics and the public, but for some reason, the Covid-19 vaccine has come far too fast. Why is that? The New York Times states that researchers are currently testing 58 vaccines on humans, and at least 86 preclinical vaccines on animals. Work on creating a vaccine began in January, and the first vaccine safety trials in humans started in March, and now 13 have reached the final stages of testing. The vaccine is said to potentially help prevent infection but cannot cure the disease, as said by The New York Times. As scientists and researchers are desperately trying to figure out a cure for this disease let’s hope that this is a step closer to the end of Covid-19.

       When the vaccine is released who will get it first? Well if we think logically the people in a high rank or title will most likely get their hands on it first. As sad as it may be it is most likely to happen. The vaccine may have side effects due to the fact that the vaccine has only been in trial for such a short period of time compared to other vaccines. The vaccine also may only work on certain people just like how Covid-19 has only affected some people. When people get tested for Covid they may turn out to be infected but may not have any life-threatening symptoms or any symptoms at all. So my point is the vaccine may work the same way, it may only protect some. The vaccine could also be a potential threat to many who may have certain health issues. The vaccine may also do more bad than good than we think, as well as cause a rise in cases. So what will happen? Will we be able to get through this obstacle? Only time will tell.