A Forest That Will “Leaf” You Breathless


Emily Lee, Contributor

By Emily Lee Published November 3, 2021

Bishop’s fall colors are one of the most popular tourist attractions, but what is it really like to experience such a significant place?

Bishop is a city in California known for its flawless scenery that never fails to exceed tourists’ expectations. However, based on personal experience, this place is far from civilization. Arriving at the actual destination from Fullerton took a tedious five hours that passed by at the pace of a snail. When the car finally screeched to a stop, visitors were welcomed with few shops, restaurants, and motels. The streets of Bishop are significantly different from the busy roads of highly populated cities. When not at the attractions, the experience lacks excitement because the community is so small. 


When traveling, food is essential to ensure energy so tourists can explore further. After dining at Yamatani Japanese Restaurant, I rate the experience a three star out of five. Being seated took two and a half hours but my desperate craving for Asian food hushed my stomach. Once settled at a table, the food itself took nearly an hour to arrive. It took thirty minutes for the edamame and miso soup to come out, but once they did, it was finished in a few minutes. I craved more but another painful hour of grumbling stomachs had to pass for the main course to arrive. There was a gleam of hope when the waiter seemed to head toward our table but it was followed by sighs of disappointment when he took a sharp turn away from our table. The main dish consisted of beef, teriyaki chicken, and sushi. The beef lacked flavor and was extremely chewy. Surprisingly, the chicken was pleasantly delicious and exceeded my not-so-high expectations. Sushi is the center of all Japanese food and is enjoyed worldwide. However, the sushi here was overly fishy and did not taste fresh. Overall, the food was mediocre, but gave me the energy to sightsee

Final Verdict

Despite the  cons, I would recommend Bishop as a fun fall adventure to embrace the colors of Mother Nature. The splotches of yellow, orange, and red, reminding people that autumn is around the corner, danced around tourists’ eyes. The long, skinny aspen trees exhibited confidence and beauty as their vivid colors billowed in the air. Such shades are not an everyday experience at any other place and that is what distinguishes Bishop from an ordinary fall tree. Overall, I rate Bishop, a sensory experience that connects people with nature, a four stars out of five.